White Water Rafting Glasgow

Looking for a fun-filled adventure in Scotland? White water rafting Glasgow may be perfect for you. The beauty of white water rafting is you do not need experience to try your hand at this awesome, exhilarating activity; you just need the courage to tackle the roller-coaster waves and heart-leaping drops.

Why you should try white water rafting Glasgow

There are so many reasons to love white water rafting including;

Step outside your comfort zone

We all need to try something new every once in a while, to challenge our brains and test our bodies. White water rafting is an activity that will make you feel truly alive. From guaranteed laughter to endless smiles, the thrill will unleash the happiness-endorphins around your body, and we reckon you will be so proud of yourself for completing such a hair-raising adventure.

Add to your skillset

As well as being incredibly fun, we are sure that you will learn something when taking on the Scottish rivers for white water rafting. Your guides will teach you how to paddle property and how to assess the water to choose the best route. This logical and quick-thinking mindset will not only improve your rafting skills for next time but may also help you in other walks of life too.

Pure, exhilarating enjoyment

We all need to spend more time doing the things that we love and make us happy. White water rafting is an activity that is loved by almost everyone. It ticks so many boxes, from making the most of beautiful scenery, to invigorating exercise. White water rafting is a unique opportunity to feel at one with nature while also enjoying the kind of thrills that you expert from the scariest theme park rollercoaster.

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At Activity Scotland, we offer white water rafting near Glasgow, where you can experience rafting on two famous river courses; the River Tay and the River Tummel. Is it time for your next big Scottish adventure?

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