White Water Rafting Scotland River Tummel

Here at Activity Scotland, we love a thrill-seeking activity that is not for the faint of heart. One of our best adventures for this is white water rafting on Scotland’s River Tummel. Perfect for the adrenaline-junkies experienced white water rafters or those who love a challenge, there are many reasons why we offer, and why you should choose, River Tummel white water rafting.

Reasons to love River Tummel white water rafting

1. The Scottish Hydro Electric power
The rapids are at their best when the Scottish Hydro Electric releases huge amounts of water from their dam on the River Tummel called the Clunie Dam. This is where our white water rafting on the River Tummel experience starts. Due to the volume of water released, we can enjoy not one, but two rapids.

2. The Washing Machine
No, we do not recommend you wash your clothes, the Washing Machine is one of our aptly named rapids. As soon as you enter, you will know exactly what it is like to be in a washing machine. With the power of the water, this first part of the River Tummel adventure will get you pumped up for the rest of the trip. Not far from the Washing Machine is Zoom Flume, which is a wet and wild way to zoom through Perthshire.

3. Zig-Zag
The epic four-mile journey continues as you enter the zig-zag which are our extreme rapids. Not a blink and you will miss it a moment; the zig-zag takes power, paddle-skills and a lot of laughs as you try to navigate through one of the toughest, untameable stretches of the river. Once through, you will then encounter the menacing Shark’s Tooth.

4. The big finale
Once you have successfully navigated the four-mile action-packed adventure, you may be feeling pretty proud of yourself. However, you have no time to rest as your raft is taking you over a staggering 18-foot double drop named the Linn of Tummel. We guarantee you will want to come back for more!

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At Activity Scotland, we offer white water rafting on the River Tummel. Is it time for your next big Scottish adventure?

White Water Rafting Special!

White Water Rafting Package Includes:

  • All Rafting Equipment Provided
  • ALAA License approved providers for young persons
  • Full wetsuit, rafting clothing and all other equipment provided.
  • Transfer from meeting point to put-in point.
  • Extensive safety instructions and paddling techniques.
  • River Tummel (Weekends only summer season)

Rafting Duration:

  • 2.5 Hours
  • From 55.00 per person
  • Group discounts available.

Rafting Departure Point:

  • Near Pitlochry - Clunie Power station PH16 5NF
  • Go through big stone arch and follow road down to Loch side.
  • Detailed directions will be emailed over with booking confirmation

Rafting Timetable:

  • Summer June - Sept
  • Saturday and Sundays 10am , 1pm and 3.30pm

Rafting Equipment supplied:

  • Wetsuit,
  • Spray jacket 
  • Paddle,
  • Helmet 
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Transport from meeting point

Client Information:

  • This river is not suitable with anyone who has any of hte following: Pregnancy/Heart issues/long standing physical injuries. Please make us aware of any Medical concerns big or small i.e. old ankle injuries, sore back, Epilepsy etc.  It doesn't necessarily mean you cannot take part.

  • Please call 07521 697048 if you are unsure of client suitability.
  • Minimum age is 16 years
  • 65yrs+ requires a Doctors line to confirm they are fit and well enough to partake in the chosen activity.

What to Bring:

  • Swimsuit / Shorts & t-shirt to wear under wetsuit (as you will get wet!) and towel necessary
  • We do not recommend valuables be brought along (i.e passports, travellers cheques, jewellery etc)
  • No responsibility is taken for clients' belongings.

Rafting River Grades

Grade 1 - Very small rough areas, requires no maneuvering. (Skill Level: None)
Grade 2 - Some rough water, maybe some rocks, might require maneuvering.(Skill Level: Basic Paddling Skill)
Grade 3 - White water, small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering. (Skill Level: Experienced paddling skills)
Grade 4 - White water, medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed. (Skill Level: White water Experience)
Grade 5 - White water, large waves, maybe large rocks and hazards, maybe a large drop, precise maneuvering (Skill Level: Advanced White water Experience)
Grade 6 - Class 6 rapids are considered to be so dangerous as to be effectively un-navigable on a reliably safe basis. Rafters can expect to encounter substantial white water, huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, and/or substantial drops creating severe impacts beyond the structural capacities and impact ratings of the raft. Traversing a Class 6 rapid has a dramatically increased likelihood of ending in serious injury. (Skill Level: Successful completion of a Class 6 rapid without serious injury is widely considered to be a matter of luck)

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