White Water Rafting Scotland River Tay

Looking for a way to experience Scotland in a brand-new way? White water rafting Scotland River Tay is the perfect activity, and the River Tay is the ideal river for white water rafting beginners. At Activity Scotland, we also seek out the best stretches of river for every visitor, whether they have never rafted before or looking for their next challenge.

Why choose River Tay white water rafting?

Our white water rafting course on the River Tay is ideal for those who are beginners as well as the seasoned adrenaline junkies for many reasons;

Incredible scenery
You can admire Perthshire at its best along the River Tay. Fortunately, this route has some calm sections as well as the action-packed river runs, so you can stop and marvel at the scenery and keep a look out for the wildlife too.

Practice your technique
River Tay white water rafting is perfect for those who want to learn more about the skill of white water rafting and practise your paddling. However, we should point out that some stretches are untameable no matter how good your paddling is!

For those who want to splash and frolic in the water without the stomach-churning rapids, then River Tay white water rafting is just the ticket for a fun-filled day out with friends and family. With all the necessary safety equipment provided, you can relax and get competitive with friends over a friendly water fight or two.

A workout
Believe it or not, you will actually want to paddle when the waves become more forceful. Paddling gives you an extra bracing point, making you feel more secure. The harder you paddle, the safer you will feel inside the raft. Not only does paddling help you to feel confident in the raft, but it will be a workout you will not even realise you are doing.

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At Activity Scotland, we offer white water rafting on the River Tay. Is it time for your next big Scottish adventure?

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