Watersports & Activities in Scotland

Highland Perthshire, at the very heart of Scotland. Clean, clear water wherever you go - whether sailing or canoeing down Loch Rannoch, fishing or angling superb local lochs and prolific rivers, or rafting white-water rapids!

For the less adventurous

Its got to be great fishing river fishing on the Tummel, superb highland loch fishing on Loch Rannoch. We can supply the rights, the permits, the boats, the ghillies, the tackle and tuition for the whole family if required.

For the slightly more adventurous

Sailing, canoeing and cruising on Loch Rannoch - both very relaxing and very rewarding.

For great adventure and challenge

For those who want a less tranquil time there is quite sensational white water kayaking and rafting (from the easy to the severe) here in Highland Perthshire where we partner with some of the best watersports companies anywhere in Scotland.